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“This path to our ancestral values ​​brings us back to the Amazon forest. "


Alarming observations lead us to reflections and from these reflections are born solutions.

Serene, aware, and compassionate, women walk by the thousands. Informed, they fight against the waste and pollution linked to large industries. In search of meaning, they get closer to nature and reconnect to it. They like to smell the flowers, caress the leaves, hug the trees. They take the time to contemplate its sublime grandeur.

They listen to him and say to themselves: "she is so beautiful, we must respect and protect her".


At home, the women open their overflowing cupboards, and begin to sort.


Everything has to be transformed now.


An old sheet becomes a magnificent dress, an old tapestry turns into a pretty bag, a tablecloth will now exist as a tailor.

NEOGREEN01 was born from this optimistic dynamic: a collection of eco-responsible and contemporary ready-to-wear.


This textile reinvention linked to French "know-how" is the essence of Atelier Gaëlle Constantini.


Défilé Gaëlle Constantini




LIEU : Le consulat 

PHOTO : Julien Weber

MAKE UP : Jabe 

HAIR : Eva Guide 


Sandra De Matteis / Relations publiques 

Guillaume et Julien, Khady,

Kirby, Claude et Émilie,

Marie Husson, Jonathan Levy, Vincent,

Gypsy, Mélodie, Lionnel,

ma famille et mes amis.

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