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SUMMER 2020_

The moment to take the road to the south rang, the luggage was packed, the house was put away, the cats were kept. The heat accompanies us smoothly with the birds and smiles, we are happy to leave my brother and me.

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We cross the beautiful landscapes of France and cut at high speed through Switzerland. All windows open, the wind rushes tangling our hair, the powerful smell of flowers rises to our heads. The air is hot and comes to caress my forearm, which hangs freely outside ... We drive for hours for freedom.

For pleasure, we take the small departmental roads that run along the coast, the night comes slowly, the light dims and the sky takes on soft pastel colors, I close my eyes and let myself be lulled by the purring of the car, I instinctively lower the seat , to the sound of Eyes in the sky ...

The flowers are like thousands of stars that shine and dance under the skirt of the earth, I calmly walk with my eyes closed, some bite me and others tell me about myself as a child.


After a few hairpin bends on the road to Mondariz, the beauty takes shape on the horizon, its polished stone curves are discovered at the top of the tiny hill like a giant overhanging gravel. The tall and strong lemon tree staggers under the cool breeze, I have chills.


We throw the suitcases under the porch, after a refreshment, we quickly run off and run towards the beach.

Flash from last summer, Miguel, he and I, panting on the warm pebbles, his hand clutching my neck. My heart tightens, my throat ties, my lower abdomen contracts.

I scan the sea in the distance, yes it is this one, the deserted one, down there at the bottom of the cove, the one where you only hear the melody of the waves, the one where you are one with the sea, the one where you exist.


We will stay there for a while can be forever.


The water is delicious

6.45 p.m.

A slight shiver reminds us of the hour of the aperitif.


I go barefoot up the path that leads to the house, the sand sticks to the dry, golden skin, it itches, but like ti-punch sugar, I love it.

By seizing up, I brush against the flowers with my fingers spread apart, I caress, I approach gently to hug the colored petals I breathe at full lung, I smile and bite my lips .. How good.

The sun has fallen, the glasses are filled. the temperature drops slowly like that of the body. Everything is calm and gentle.


The sun will go down taking with it its share of memories, its postcards and its frenzy, the nocturnal creatures wake up, they invite themselves to dance, dressed in their most extravagant adornments, I am going to bed.


I fall asleep in the linen sheets thinking of Miguel ... A muffled noise at the window tears me from my sleep.

And in the early morning, we went to contemplate the awakening life ...

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