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The Gaëlle Constantini collections are based on a benevolent and optimistic vision of the creation of new clothes on the fashion market.

The fuel needed for this ambitious project is self-help, eco-design and the use of our living resources, sewing, a French know-how as heritage to transmit. It is based on three fundamental pillars: Upcycling, production by insertion workshops and eco-design.

The objective of this project is to develop a local triangular by making the natural persons of the same region interact. Based on the circular economy, this formula makes it possible to reduce the textile waste, to give a job to the people in social and financial precariousness, and to create wealth in the chosen locality!



Atelier Gaëlle Constantini only works on the principle of upcycling which, by definition, is the action of recycling at the top.

In this case, it is about collecting, buying, recovering "second hand" textiles and transforming them to create new clothes. This process does not require the production of new material and uses the least possible resources.


With 7 years experience in the field and for practical reasons we chose to work with linens like sheets, duvet covers, curtains, tablecloths and work clothes, which gives us more possibilities and freedom at the level of the cut.

This raw material destined for the waste is sorted, cleaned with ecological detergents and distributed in the various partner production workshops.

The collection and purchases are made within the same region with Emmaus, the Relais, Guérissol ...


For us, recycling is necessary to preserve our planet, we have indeed already produced a lot in the past it is not necessary to continue, rather value what already exists and transform it!




Indeed, our conviction pushes us to do the best we can and is part of a global approach that is why:

- we sort all our textile scraps and we bring them back to the buckets fiber sorting so that they can be scrolled.

- we sort our own waste

- we only use recycled paper

- we guarantee intra-muros deliveries by bike



Atelier Gaëlle Constantini is 100% MADE IN FRANCE and we have chosen to work with the French population who needs it most.


In fact, the workshops and integration projects are preponderant in the mutual assistance that we must develop within our regions. Designed for the long-term unemployed, the beneficiaries of the RSA, people in social difficulties, financial often excluded from society, the insertion workshops are a way to create the link between the young creation and people in great difficulty.


We entrust them with our production and we give them confidence in their skills.

Indeed, we accompany them either in the learning of a new profession, the sewing, or we put them in competence with the help of head of workshop and qualified accompanists.

Today we produce our clothes in collaboration with 3 of them, Femmes Actives in Saint Denis, Emmaus at Maison Alfort and Concept Insertion in Calais with whom we have developed real emotional and lasting ties.


Our ultimate goal is to locate the production in insertion in each region in which the collection is distributed, to transmit our know-how, the sewing, as heritage to transmit and also to promote this means of creating clothes near the young French creation to offset the relocation to Europe or Asia of their textile production.