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Paired with a pair of heels or more casual with sneakers, the Lena is the elegant and comfortable piece that adapts to all your outing ideas!

Loose fit mid-calf combination.

Two elastic straps support a square décoletté.

Two pockets on the sides, for comfort.


The size is adaptable and unique 36-42, however we need to adjust the elastic if your size is smaller or larger.



Eco-design consumption report:

We needed 5 liters of water for the manufacture of our suit against 9000 liters for a classic cotton suit manufactured.


Production time :

Our project is respectful of the planet and the human, in this sense, we make the choice not to overproduce our models.

No parts are available in stock.

Each piece is produced to order, either in our Parisian workshop or through our partner insertion workshops.

It will therefore take, on average, 10 to 12 days for a piece to be cut, assembled, assembled and shipped by our pretty little hands.


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